Our Story

An east Texas St. Croix Ranch.

I met my wife, Tam, in 1968 at the ripe old age of 14 years. We dated until we graduated high school and soon after were married, making our home in Houston, TX. There I joined the Houston Police Dept. at the age of 19 and Tam continued her education to become an elementary school teacher. We worked in our respective fields in the Houston area until 1992 when we decided we were ready for a lifestyle change and made the move from the big city to the country. We bought 65 acres in deep East Texas in Shelby County. Tam gave up her teaching job, and with our daughter Hayley, who was then 13 yrs., made the move to our own little part of the world. Tam soon took a teaching job near our new “dream place”. I continued to work for H.P.D. another 7 years, making the weekly commute until 1999 when I retired.

I’d always wanted to raise sheep and goats. However,
because we lived in a relatively wet area and because we chose to make our home in the middle of the Sabine National Forest where coyotes abound, I never thought I would be able to overcome the problems of parasites and predators. We raised cattle for a number of years before I began to learn about Kiko goats, St. Croix sheep, and Great Pyrenees dogs. After visiting a goat and sheep ranch in Central Texas one week, I made the decision: with Tam’s support we set out to disperse our cattle, re-fence our place, and buy some Kiko goats, St. Croix sheep, and Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs. Most folks around here thought we were nuts, but much to our surprise, the combination was an absolute success. It didn’t take long to see that my real interest was in these magnificent dogs and these docile, friendly, hearty, and prolific St Croix sheep. We then made the decision to sell the goats and focus on the sheep business and set out to learn all we could about this unique breed of sheep. Our goal was simply to get and raise the very best St. Croix sheep available in the country. After getting through the learning curve of raising commercial St. Croix, and after a visit to the Oregon State Fair to see the very best in St. Croix competition, we made our first purchase of registered St Croix sheep from Richard and Kathleen Bennett of River Bend Ranch in Days Creek, Oregon. They delivered our starter flock to East Texas and we have never looked back. Today we offer what we believe to be the most parasite resistant, hoof rot resistant, prolific and easiest cared for, most adaptable, and loveable sheep available anywhere. If you have an interest in St. Croix sheep, we hope you will come see us, let us fix you a cup of coffee, and let us show you our flock.