Our St. Croix


Adonis comes to us from Richard and Kathleen Bennett of River Bend Ranch in Days Creek, Oregon. He proved to be a significant genetic influence in their flock and we are very fortunate to be able to get him.

He is a muscular, well proportioned ram that has produced large lambs with very good confirmation. He was Grand Champion Ram at the 2009 Oregon State Fair, and his lambs won Get-of-Sire at the 2010 Oregon State Fair.

Ewe Lamb
something here

No shearing

Example of typical hair coat

Young lamb
Baby eating shrub

Grazing habits not only make St. Croix good for weed control but they will also browse

First time mom
Mother and baby

Ewes are outstanding mothers

First Lambs
First Lambs

A few of our first lambs; two sold that day.











Ram lamb
Big mane

Mild disposition

Naturally polled

First time mom
Two babies

Ewes can breed any time of year and have a 50% - 75% multiple birth rate

New Mamas
new mamas

A few mamas at their first weaning.