Our Dogs

We couldn't do this without our dogs. We live in the Sabine National Forest in East Texas where coyotes abound. We raised cattle for years and lost calves to coyotes and even cows to buzzards at times when they were giving birth. We were not optimistic we could be successful with sheep here but since getting our dogs we've not lost a single animal to predators nor have we seen a single coyote on our place. Even the air space over our ranch is a "no fly zone" for buzzards. It's not enough to say it but WE LOVE OUR DOGS!


"The wise old master"

Rascal came to us at 18 months from a goat breeder that threw in the towel on raising goats in East Texas.
He was already working and the only dog we have that we didn't raise. He's been a great model for our other dogs.

Georgie, Ackey, & Sharpy
group dogs

Georgie - left - Her motto is "no nonsense". She keeps the other two guys in line and although either could probably whip her they don't know it.

Ackey - center - Just a pup here at 8 months. He's our "slow learner". Some just catch on faster than others.
Sharpy - right - No threat too big for this guy.

There is just so much to learn!
So much to learn


"The Marine"

He's tough as a boot. He works hard and sleeps well.
He's more than happy to get down and dirty and usually the first to engage any threat to "his" girls.


Reinforcements in training
Reinforcements in training




Our newest trainees learning take downs
Our newest trainees learning take downs